MARK GILBERT - 1st Barcelona BICC


Mark Gilbert has done it again, first open British International Championship Club Barcelona. He will also finish in the top 100 of the International result flying into a northerly wind over the channel and north easterly over the continent.

Further to that he had sent back a 1st BICC Perpignan winner which he obviously had complete faith in his abilities.

When I went to the Le Mans winner I called Mark on the way down to ask if there were any birds reported on the International Pipa site as there were none when I left home early morning. He told me there was two in France and invited me to visit him on the way home to wait with him. I should have gone but it was hot, and traffic was heavy, so continued towards home and I basically missed the opportunity to witness this amazing pigeon coming home from Barcelona.

Wing of GB15N01248 “Southfield Hugo”He is bred in the purple for Barcelona as he is a son of “Golden Barcelona” the 2nd ace pigeon of Europe at Barcelona over three years and the Gold Wing winner. His performances include 6th National Barcelona 8,764 birds; 23rd National Barcelona 11,590 birds; 175th National Barcelona 10,542 birds also 2nd Provincial 919 birds Narbonne.

The mother is daughter of “New Laureaat” 1st International Barcelona when paired to a daughter of the “Old Laureaat” 1st International Barcelona. With bloodlines of that calibre it’s easy to appreciate why Mark is winning National races out of turn. He will continue to do so, because he has the heart to continue after all the setbacks long distance racing can produce. If he takes a knock he will dust himself down, learn from it and look towards the future and because of that, his future is 1st International Barcelona.
If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth winning or considered the best race in the world.


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