Hoe werken veilingen?

To be able to bid in an auction, you have to be registered on our website.

Steps of bidding are as follows:
< €1000: + €50
€1000-€5000: + €100
>€5000: + €200

You can place a regular bid or a buying order. In case of a buying order the computer automatically bids for you up to the amount you have chosen. 
A buying order overrides a regular bid of the same amount.

After placing a bid or buying order your are informed of higher bids via e-mail.
Les emails sont envoyés en Néerlandais (la Belgique et Hollande) ou en Anglais (pour les autres pays). Vous pouvez changer votre préférence sur la page account (>”Mon account”>”modifier”>”langue”).

If there is a bid within the final 10 minutes of the auction, the ending time is extended with 10 minutes.

On your account page (> “My account” > “My bids”) you can find a handy overview of your current bids and buying orders.

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