LEE & KEVIN BUDDLE - 1st Marseille BICC


The organisers of the Marseille International had decided to liberate the pigeons a day earlier than scheduled due to the very real prospect of heavy rain and thunderstorms on route. It transpired to have been a good call for the continental lofts as there were many birds recorded on the day but the thunder storms that had prevented the UK pigeons from reaching home on the first day, had continued through the night in northern France. 

Dawn broke the following morning, the sky being overcast with a fine drizzle, so it was always going to be a tough one for our birds to get up and away with the low visibility as well as being tired after flying 550 miles the day before. But when the going gets tough, the tough do eventually get going and it is no place for the faint hearted to cross the English Channel in such conditions.
A very brave six year old hen with previous form was the first to make it across and was clocked to the loft of L & K Buddle in Dover. Whilst Lee had to go to work on the Friday, his father Kevin was sat in the garden waiting, knowing that the bloodlines their pigeons are descended from, would give them the best possible chance of coming home as quickly as the conditions would allow. 
He waited faithfully all through the morning, continuing into the afternoon, until their pigeon called “Oasis” dropped, wet and bedraggled. Her pink wattles giving testament to the effort she had put in to reaching home in poor cross channel conditions. 
She was timed just after 3pm in the afternoon and as previously stated, is a 2012 bred hen they call “Oasis” and with her previous results she has won a BICC Certificate of Merit which will be the seventh such certificate won by Lee and Kevin over previous years. Her positions include 1st BICC Marseille 2018, 2nd GDSB St Vincent 2016, 10th BICC St Vincent 2016, 15th BICC Perpignan 2015, 17th BICC St Vincent 2015, 31st BICC St Vincent 2017, 35th BICC Pau 2016, 54th BICC Mont De Marsan 2017, 57th BICC Pau 2018 and 149th Open NFC Tarbes.

Her Sire is “BC” winner of 2nd Open BICC Pau 2009 which is 544 miles to the loft in Dover and 1st Club Bergerac 435 miles in 2008. 
Her Dam is “Amoy” winner of 1st Open BICC Pau 2009 and 61st Open BICC Tarbes from 548 miles 2008. Both “Amoy” & “BC” were the only two birds home into the UK on the day of liberation from Pau in 2009 and they have been a successful breeding pair for them over the years.

“Oasis” is also a full sister to their top race cock “Tom”, winner of 5th BICC St Vincent 531m 2013, 6th BICC Perpignan 598m 2016, 10th BICC Pau 545m 2016, 15th BICC Pau 545m 2014, 22nd BICC St Vincent 531m 2014, 27th BICC St Vincent 531m 2015, 30th BICC Pau (on the day) 545m 2013 and a BICC Certificate of Merit Award winner. “Tom” is also the grandfather of H & P Archibald's super NFC Tarbes Hen “The Proof” winner of 1st Sec, 2nd Open NFC Tarbes 2018 & 1st Sec, 3rd Open NFC Tarbes 2017. 
They are both grandchildren of their foundation pigeon “Buddy” and their loft contains bloodlines from Jim Biss and Brian Denny along with some Paul Kendal “Morning Glory” influence. They are the shire horses of the pigeon world containing very few foreign additions although they have invested in a few Brokamp pigeons recently. They are fed on two thirds Superstar Plus with one third Gem Irish mix throughout the racing season which they have found contains the necessary carbs, fats and proteins to cover these distances regularly. 

They race their pigeons on a widowhood come roundabout system, and in the early season everything goes to the East of England races in preparation for the longer races with the British International Championship Club. 
Their winning hen had been twice to 136 miles, once to 186 miles then on to BICC Alencon and BICC Pau a distance of 544 miles before going on to win the BICC Marseille at a distance of 573 miles after being left with her cock for three hours before shipping. 
As I have previously written, two or three races over 500 miles in the same season is the norm for continental pigeons and ours can do it with the channel to cross on the final leg. We know we are in the lap of the Gods concerning the weather conditions out at sea, but that does not prevent fanciers such as these from trying. They know that due to the easterly locations the Mediterranean race points are harder than most, but one of these days favourable conditions will alleviate the handicap our birds have when competing for the top International prize and L & K Buddle will be ready to take their chances. 
I applaud them for their unwavering quest to compete in the Internationals and wish them every success for the future. 
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