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The secret of Gerard & Bas Verkerk
by Michel Bommerez

In the summer of 2016, Michel Bommerez agreed to write a follow-up story for ‘De Duif’ about possibly the greatest champion in the present pigeon sport, Bas Verkerk. A Herculean task because, as Michel began to delve deeper into the matter, it became clear that the ‘phenomenon Verkerk’ offered more than enough material and inspiration for an entire book.
The interesting series grew into a story that was praised everywhere and that did justice to the extraordinary achievements that Bas (and father Gerard) managed to realize during the past decades.
It would be a shame if such a precious piece wouldn’t also be published in English.
I am convinced that this will be a great pleasure to many interested people around the world.
Remains for us to give a big compliment to author Michel Bommerez, who is fully responsible for this absolute masterpiece.
Jan Hermans, publisher ‘De Duif’

View schemes:
1. Basic Couples, Henk & Jaap de Wit
2. Line Breeding Langnek, Jeu & Lou Vroomen
3. Line Verbart 46 & 57, Jan Ouwerkerk
4. Line Miss Saigon, G. & S. Verkerk
5. Line Gouden Kweekduif, G. & S. Verkerk
6. Line Midfond Champion, G. & S. Verkerk
7. Line Reimsdoffer/Star, G. & S. Verkerk
8. Line Verbart-hen, G. & S. Verkerk
9. Line Magnum, G. & S. Verkerk
10. Line Bubbles, Ad Schaerlaeckens
11. Line Magic Amore, C. & G. Koopman

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