British Int Championship Club

MARK GILBERT - 1st Poitiers BICC

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert is well known in the sport; indeed, his national wins are now well into double figures (21) but this one came with bitter sweet emotion...

JOHN & GILL McCLEMENTS - 1-2-3-5-7th Cholet BICC

John and Gill mcClements

Retirement for John McClements, a new Motorhome for weekends away with his wife Gill and a change from inland sprint racing to channel racing. These were some of the ingredients for a successful race with the British International Championship Club from Cholet wining 1st 2nd 3rd 5th and 7th Open.

PAUL & SIMON DAWS - 1st Falaise BICC

Paul & Simon Daws

The first National race of the season was flown from Falaise on the 28th April, and the first three open positions were to members of the same club. So, I had to wait until clocks were checked in the evening until I could make firm arrangements to visit the lofts of Paul & Simon Daws.

RAY GEORGE - 1st Alencon BICC

Ray George 1st Alencon

As a boy Ray George kept pigeons but he had given them up in 1968 when he married and raised a family. He retired in 2005 and took up the sport once again. Now he wins 1st Ascension agaist almost 5000 pigeons!


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