There is only ONE Pros Roosen! - Part 1, The Man and the Fancier



Pros Roosen one of the Sports biggest personalities and greatest pigeon fanciers passed away in August 2010. For quite some time prior to his passing, the renowned pigeon sport author ‘Columbus’ visited Pros and documented his thoughts about his lifetimes passion. 

This work was published in the ‘De Duif’ Pigeon Sport magazine in its original Flemish in 2009 shortly before Pros died and it we translated it into English for the ‘Duif Chronicles Online’ however due to the unfortunate timing of events, we decided not to publish at the time.

Now it's ten years later and we think it would now still be of interest to fanciers around the World, so with the kind permission of ‘Columbus’ and Jan and Rik Hermans, Peter Fox from Syndicate Lofts publishes the story in three parts:

Pros Roosen, Kermt, Belgium - Part 1 The Man and the fancier.

There is only ONE Pros Roosen !  - Part 2 The basis of the strain (1965-2000)


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