BOSMANS-LEEKENS - 1st Nat. Chateauroux 5884 yearlings & 2nd Nat. Tours 4039 birds


Beverlo – The new combination of Bosmans-Leekens had much more than an excellent season in 2014. This season, they have won 19 x 1st prize including several times the first five, 3x 1st Semi-Provincial, 1st Provincial Gien 4271 birds (fastest 6579 b), 1 Provincial La Souterraine 1479 Young birds and 2nd National Tours 4039 old birds.They put a thick icing on the cake with the 1st National Chateauroux against 5884 yearlings.

Dirk Leekens (54) stopped in 2011 with pigeons after a career that we remember him being extremely successful especially winning the title of 1st National Champion youngsters in 2010 and his national exploits such as 3rd, 4th, 5th National Brive in 1999, 2 National Brive in 2004, 1st National Brive in 2011 and three European Cup Ace Pigeons. Marc Bosmans (48) used to race in partnership under the name Bosmans-Geboers in the long distance races. But his partner was a busy restaurant owner with time difficulties so Marc eventually had to stand alone at the helm of the colony.
Then at the party of the “Gouden Duif” there was a conversation between Dirk and Marc, he asked to start a new combination in his loft and it was decided between them to remove all long distance pigeons and replace them with the best of the Leekens bloodlines. A round off eggs from Dirk Leekens best racers and breeders moved to Marc’s place before Dirk sold all his birds at the end of 2011, only “Lucky Luke” was not sold because of his age (15 years) but in 2012-13 he gave about 25 youngsters, now they are also in the breeders loft. An important addition to the team was the “Triple Olympiade” of Etienne Stassen who is already father to seven different 1st prize winners in the new loft. Also “Speedo “1st Europacup Ace Pigeon from Marc’s Father Willy was added to the breeding loft .The plan was to compete in the races middle and great middle distance races.
Starting in 2013 with the new young birds they won already 5 first prizes and 2 ace pigeons, they had to wait for confirmation that they had chosen the right path. At the start of the 2014 season Bosmans-Leekens began with a team of 30 cocks and 46 hens on Total Widowhood. That meant that with 16 extra hens some cocks had two partners.

One loft (the better hens including the national winner) was coupled on November 25th and was allowed to sit for a week. Most of the hens were re coupled after La Souterraine and were raced to the nest.

Lofts of Bosmans-Leekens

The national winner “Miss Limburg” is the slightly larger type of pigeon and is slightly deeper. She has a “fast wing” (with 2 flights dropped), is well muscled and has a dominance in the loft. She was first raced successfully in the middle distance, (won 6 first prizes) and along with two other top hens she was in the basket for Chateauroux sitting 10 days eggs. She is now a candidate for the national championship middle distance yearlings KBDB.
And whoever says a nest position of sitting 10 days eggs for a brooding hen is not ideal will surely find the answer from the Combination Bosmans Leekens!

After their stunning national victory from Chateauroux on the 9th August with the yearlings they were beaten to victory in a millimetre sprint the week after to win 2nd place in both the provincial and national race from Tours against 4039 old pigeons.

For the La Souterraine 11 national another week later the team of youngsters mainly the cocks that had been racing on the sliding door method until both Marc and Dirk noticed that new couples were being formed within the team. A young cock with the ring number 2090113/14 had paired with a hen in his new loft environment. Because of this ‘young love’ he was first nominated and arrived Saturday afternoon like a ‘speeding car’ to greet his new hen... with the result 1st provincial against 1479 pigeons and 41st national against 18,588 pigeons. Previously he had already shown some form winning from Gien 59th/5855b prov, Bourges 467th/3480b prov, Tours and 157th/1753b prov. and a prize from both Sourdun and Reims. As a descendant of the “Lucky Luke” family he was given the name “Lucky 13”, a full brother is the “087/13 “who last year was Ace Young Bird Fondclub Paal in the provincial flights.

The local results with the youngsters from La Souterraine were also impressive with 1-2-4-6-7-8-9-12 etc. against 172 pigeons and provincial 1-13-19-28-36-46-50-56-95-100 etc. against 1479 pigeons.

The hens are basically raced every week. After the arrival from a flight they receive on Saturday and Sunday “Recup-mix” in the feed tray. From Monday to Thursday the basketing day it is “Brilliant” – a racing mixture. As of Wednesday, the normal mixture is supplemented with candy seeds, peanuts and a fat blend. Very often they receive cold pressed rapeseed oil which is mixed on the feed and the pigeons like this very much.
For the Medical program, the Belgica de Weerd and vet Ferdi Vander Sanden (natural products) ranges are followed as required. A treatment against Canker is administered every three weeks with Belgamagix. A treatment for respiratory infections with Belga White is given every few months. The range of vet Vandersanden includes Vior and Vigo Amine. Further, there is Entrocur and Recupforte (applied over the food) together with Belgasol (in the drinker) provided to pigeons coming home from a race.
Pigeons arriving from a competition receive cleansing eye drops from the pharmacist. We must not forget that at the end of one race the preparation for the next race begins!
Congratulations Marc and Dirk with this beautiful victory and the success for the season.

Lucky Luke

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