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JOHN CREHAN - TEAM HOOYMANS UK - Gouden Duif UK & RoI winner

John Crehan - Team Hooymans UK

The term déjà vu is French and means, literally, "already seen". For those reading the report on the Golden Duif UK & RoI winner 2019 may well have experienced that feeling upon reading the name of the winners, after all it is the same partnership as in 2018...

JOHN CREHAN - TEAM HOOYMANS UK - Gouden Duif-winnaar VK en Ierland

John Crehan - Team Hooymans UK

De term “déjà vu” betekent letterlijk “reeds gezien”. Dat gevoel zal zeker de lezers van onze reportage over de Engelse Gouden Duif-winnaar 2018 bekruipen, aangezien het winnend team 2019 uit dezelfde partners bestaat...

JOHN CREHAN - Golden Duif winner UK and Rep. of Ireland

John Crehan

Manchester – a city world famous for the two Premier League football Clubs of Manchester City and Manchester United! There is now a third Premier League Team in Manchester, that of Crehan & O’Connor!

JOHN CREHAN - Gouden Duif-winnaar VK en Ierland

John Crehan

Manchester - de stad die wereldberoemd is om de twee Premier League voetbalclubs City en United. En er is nu, na het winnen van de Gouden Duif UK & Ireland, een derde Premier League Team in Manchester: dat van Crehan & O'Connor!

JOHN CREHAN - 1st Ancenis NFC

John Crehan & O’Connor

As the race reached its climax it developed into a real nail biter, with the top three open positions all on the same velocity split on decimals. Eventually, the winner was John Crehan racing as Crehan & O’Connor, who had sent only one pigeon.

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