Rik Hermans


Kloosterstraat 9
2243 Pulle
+32 498 505 737

Rik started his career as a fancier in 1996, still living at home with his parents in Waalre. With a background like his, the success followed quickly, and in 1997 he wins 1st National Acepigeon Young birds WHZB.
In 2005 he moved to Belgium with his family, where he started playing with young birds in 2006.

Rik focuses on long middle distance, the national races from 500 to 600 km. And not without results!

Some highlights are:

  • 1st National Bourges 2011
  • Olympiad bird 2011
  • 1st National Chateauroux 2015

In 2016 he had a super year, with a.o.:

  • 1st National Bourges
  • 2nd National La Souterraine
  • 2nd National Acepigeon Long middle distance old birds
  • 8th National Acepigeon Long middle distance young birds

Click here for online articles about Rik's victories.

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