Comb. van Panhuis


Dorpsstraat 362
1531 HZ Wormer

Direct from the start they had very successful seasons with many victories and championships. They invested in pigeons from the best pigeon fanciers in Belgium and The Netherlands (a.o. Leo & Maria Broeckx, Ad Schaerlaeckens, Heremans-Ceusters, Ries Schalkwijk, Hans Eijerkamp & Znn etc.).


Since 2011 Cees and Richard decided to start also racing the pigeons in Meppel (Cees his hometown). In 2011 they raced under the name Mrs. T. Panhuis because Cees  was a member of the association in Amerongen. Since 2012 they are racing from both addresses as Comb. van Panhuis.


Cees made a great start in Meppel with superb results on National NPO Races and National Championships. He achieved the following important results since 2011



1.  NATIONAL ACE NPO 2011 (with the famous "TINY") 

1.  Ace Young pigeons Fondclub Noord Nederland 

1.  Nat. NPO Peronne against 5.282 pigeons (Teletext mention)

4.  WHZB (best young pigeon)

9.  NATIONAL St.Vincent (distance 1147 km!!!) (Teletext mention)

3.  Nat. NPO St. Vincent (Teletext mention)

5.  Nat. NPO Nijvel against 10.162 pigeons (Teletext mention)

7.  Nat. NPO Peronne against 5.433 pigeons (Teletext mention)

7.  Nat. NPO Pommeroeul against 5.434 pigeons (Teletext mention)

1.  Champion Short Distance nominated 2014 (ACG/District 8)

1.  Champion Late Tour  not nominated 2014 (ACG/District 8)

1.  Champion Late Tour nominated 2014 (ACG/District 8)

1.  Champion Late Tour not nominated 2014 ( Combine Reest & Vecht)

1.  Champion Late Tour nominated 2014 (Combine Reest & Vecht)

1.  Champion Late Tour nominated 2013 (Combine Reest & Vecht)

2.  Champion Middle Distance, not nominated 2012 (ACG/District 8)

1.  Champion Fondclub Noord-Nederland (Young pigeons) 2015

Also in recent years they won a lot of races and championships, in 2009 they became among others:

1.  Overall Champion nominated+not nominated  (CCG/District 7)

1.  Champion not nominated  (CCG/District 7)

3.  Champion nominated (CCG/District 7)

1.  Overall Champion Club nominated + not nominated

1.  Champion not nominated Club

+ many other 1. Championships in district and Club 

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