Combinatie Beekman & Tilmans


Aalsmeerderweg 179
1432 CL Aalsmeer

The combinatie Beekman Tilmans from Aalsmeer (nearby Amsterdam) started in 1985. In those days the lofts where located on an allotment in Diemen (also nearby Amsterdam). After two years the first major local championship was won and a lot of these championships followed in the years afterwards.

In 2002 Michel Beekman moved to Aalsmeer and built new lofts behind his home. With the pigeons at home the results arrived at a different level. In the second year in Aalsmeer Michel already was amongst the strongest fanciers in the region, rayon F with 120 lofts and fierce competition. The results stayed at this level eversince but have stepped up a gear the last couple of years since Michel started to race with hens only! 

For example in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 the topspot in the middle distance championship was won (300 - 400 km) in the strongest region (rayon F) of the Department Noord Holland. In 2016 even the first price in the Department Competition in Noord Holland was won against at least 700 lofts/fanciers. This even resulted in a National championship, 9th "Aangewezen".  

In 2014 and 2015 the pigeons performed also outstanding on the longer distance (500 - 700 km). Resulting in the third spot in the Department North Holland competition and again a place between the national champions (4th "Aangewezen") in 2015.

Also a lot of ace pigeon championships have been won. In 2013 the hen "Femi" (2012-1442869) won the Middle distance title in the Department of Noord Holland and was ace pigeon "overall" in the region rayon F. In the national competition TBOTB she finished as the third yearbird and fourth allround bird. In 2014 the hen "Fayah" (2012-1442595) won the longer distance title in the Department of Noord Holland.

In 2015 the icing on the cake followed with the great results of "Gini" (2013-1069702). This hen almost won all local Ace Pigeon championships but was crowned first Ace Hen in the prestigious National "WHZB competion" as well! In 2016 two other hens confirmed the great results of the lady pigeons. "Gemma" (2013-1069729) was the Ace pigeon in the region called "rayon F" and "Hannah" (14-1364841) triumphed in the allround competion in the same region.

After a very succesfull 2017 (1st overall Champion in the so called "District Amsterdam" and 1e NPO Bourges NH with Jaida) Michel withdrew from pigeon racing due to a move to Malaysia. All the pigeons were sold in an auction organized by Sportblad De Duif in November 2017. 

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