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During the past ten years Michel Verweij and Peter de Haan have proved themselves to be top fanciers with excellent results in the Netherlands, both on a Provincial as well as on a National level.


The long distance fanciers from Mijdrecht gained National prominence with their ‘TOON’, one of the best long distance racers ever in the Netherlands in the races above 1000 km. but also their ‘Olympic Heintje’, she was a competitor at the Olympiad 2007. These two super pigeons were responsible for winning the prestigious Marathon North Championship two years in a row. This had never happened before.


The ‘TOON’ dynasty was responsible for the partners being crowned champions of the strong long distance club of North-Holland on eight occasions, also 8 Provincial victories. Furthermore champions of the North and South-Holland amongst others, both from the afternoon and morning liberations. Winners of the Golden Double from Barcelona and many, many top positions in the first one hundred National. All of this in just ten years! In a small loft!


A very exceptional pigeon bred from the ‘TOON’ dynasty is the ’Balotelli’. This grandson of the ‘TOON’ himself and a son of ‘Barry’ won in the top season 2015 the 1st International Bordeaux ZLU. Prior to that he already won 5th and 6th National Cahors morning liberations. A unique bird!!!

In the same Bordeaux race that year a half-sister of ‘Balotelli’ named ‘Mila’ won the 8th National and 10th International.


‘Kopie Toon’, an exceptional source pigeon. This full brother of the ‘TOON’ is already the sire and grandsire to three NPO winners.


‘Milos’, one of the absolute source pigeons, bred from a brother of ‘TOON’ claimed (Inter.) National fame because numerous children and grandchildren of his noted Provincial victories. His offspring have also won numerous cards in the National top ten.


Descendants of ‘Super-Breeder Stet’ are well known for their ability to win in tough races, the likes of ‘Bolletje’ who won 1st, 4th National and ‘Ixia with the 15th, 16th, 30th, 33rd National.


An exceptional racing bird is ‘Messi’, a grandson of ‘Olympic Heintje’ and ‘Kopie Toon’. Messi won on two occasions a 1st NPO! An example of how two top lines congregate.


Also the very special ‘Red Rose’, a granddaughter of ‘Milos’ and ‘Olympic Heintje’. She ended this year as 1st Acepigeon Perpignan ZLU 2014-2016 and 2nd International Acepigeon Pau 2015-2016. This year she raced two times and she won 12th Nat. Pau, 19th Nat. Perpignan.


In  2015  ‘Joep’, being only a two year old, won the 10th Nat. Barcelona and the 19th Internat. Barcelona. Barcelona 2015 was one of the toughest in its history.


The Verweij-de Haan partnership have recorded the DNA of their top pigeons via Gendika, so it is always possible to check the parentage. They decided to concentrate on inbreeding, this is extremely suitable for breeding!

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