22nd Spring Exchange - Expo Houten

1st Hot news Spring Exhange
March 4 & 5 in Expo Houten – NL

First full service pigeon exhibition in the world!!!
‘Your purchases from Expo Houten can be delivered to your doorstep.’

At this moment many fanciers in Western Europe are planning ahead for the coming racing season. Some of the fanciers already have youngsters in the nest. Most of the fanciers have their birds on eggs now, also for the Spring Exchange. More than 80 active fanciers, breeding lofts and others confirmed their stand space at the Houten’s exhibition.
The stock pairs from them have laid their eggs, so most exhibitors are looking forward to exhibit at Europe’s biggest young bird exhibition in spring.

Growing interest from abroad
The Spring Exchange is a completely different event then any other in pigeon sport. The Spring Exchange is NOT a show!!! It is purely business in a combination with a cosy atmosphere and the most perfect time of the year makes this exhibition so well visited. After a quick round of phone calls with bus group entrepreneurs we discovered that most groups are fully booked. So more and more fanciers are planning their journey to Holland by air plane. Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is easy to reach by train and has many car rental companies as well. From Amsterdam to Houten is only 30 minutes by car. Thousands of pigeon fanciers are attending this show from all over Europe and far beyond. Indeed a growing number of visitors is planning their trip by air plane!

Pigeon transport companies are making a visit easy for each visitor from abroad
To make it attractive to visit the Houten’s exhibition by plane we can inform you that there is plenty opportunity to have your purchased youngsters delivered to your doorstep by reliable pigeon transporters. All of them will deliver your birds to your home country for most reasonable prices and the birds are well taking care of with food and water during their journey! For the proper export documents like a health certificate and vaccination form Vet. Drs. Van der Sluis has a trade stand (stand number 279) and will take care of these matters. The next survey will give you an idea who can bring your young birds at home while you are making your trip by air plane.

Austria : Mr. Filip Pudic – standnr 231
Bulgaria : Mr. Florin Cristuine – standnr 242
Canary Isles : Mr. Jaap van Alphen – standnr 278
Croatia : Mr. Filip Pudic – standnr 231
Denmark : Mr. Paul Mc Burney – standnr 245
England : Walker Transport (fully DEFRA licenced) – standnr 162
Greece : Mr. Dimitris Aslanidis – standnr 135
Hungary : Mr. Florin Cristuine – standnr 242
Ireland : Walker Transport (fully DEFRA licenced) – standnr 162
Malta : Mr. Jaap van Alphen – standnr 278
Portugal : Mr. Sergio Ferreira – standnr 155
Romania : Mr. Florin Cristuine – standnr 242
Scotland : Walker Transport (fully DEFRA licenced) – standnr 162
Slovenia : by Mr. Filip Pudic – standnr 231
Spain : Mr. Sergio Ferreira – standnr 155
Other : Duivendirect by Mrs. Esther Bultman – standnr 143

If you are coming from other parts of the world and you are seriously interested in having your birds transported to an airport of your likings we would suggest you contact Mrs. Esther Bultman from the fully licenced company Duivendirect how to arrange this all. In any case you can have it all arranged during the Spring Exchange in Houten.
For UK fanciers it is only 3 hours driving from Dover/Calais
The Spring Exchange is not as far driving as you might think… From the border at Dover/Calais it is less than four hour driving! Houten is only 5 kilomters south of Utrecht and situated at the main Moterway A27. At the A27 Breda to Utrecht you will find exit number 29 Houten. And for your car sat. nav. you can use zipcode: 3992 AE (Meidoornkade 24, te Houten).

Opening hours and entry
Saturday March 5th fom 9.00 – 17.00 hours
Sunday March 6th from 9.00 – 15.00 hours
Entry € 12,50 per person, children to 12 years for free!

More information you can find on the Proff Sport website.


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