LEON & DAN PRINCE - Winners Gouden Duif UK & Rep. of Ireland 2017


Cheadle (Engeland) – Leon Prince (30) and Dan Prince (27) are the winners of the Golden Duif UK and RoI 2017, the lads are partners in work as well as pigeons as they are self employed builders and work alongside each other (although Leon finishes an hour earlier to basket the pigeons when training, leaving Dan to finish the days work). 

Cat. 1 - Bath (109m / 174km) 2016 bs. 1 (sent 15)
Cat. 2 - Yoevil (144m / 230km) 1067 bs. 1 (sent 15)
Cat. 3 - Vire (289m / 462km) 4027 bs. 2 (sent 23)
Cat. 4 - Saintes (503m / 805km) 566 bs. 1 (sent 8)
Cat. 5 - Hullavington (100m / 160km) 1711 bs. 1 (sent 25)

They first were exposed to pigeons via their father who raced at that time although he has now finished in the sport, in 2003 when Leon left school he and Dan decided to start on their own and erected a loft in their Aunts garden. In 2009 they moved to their current location on a field near Dan's home.

 Leon and DanThe team of pigeons is based upon two main families - C & C Lambrechts of Berlaar (originals via auctions and via A Dungworth) and Rene Nauwelaerts (Putte) from local fancier Keith Hand. These have been complemented with select introductions of the lines of Dirk Van Dyck, Leo Heremans etc. In fact from the five performances which won the Golden Duif award, four were achieved with pigeons containing their C & C Lambrechts lines and the fifth is from a Syndicate Lofts bred brother of Mystique 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon RPRA for Crehan & O'Connor from "Drum" x a Crehan & O'Connor Leo Heremans hen from their directs containing the line of de Jan and Safier Couple.

Leon and Dan keep 32 pairs of breeders (12 pairs C & C Lambrechts, 12 pairs Rene Nauwelaerts and the remainder D Van Dyck/Leo Heremans etc.) in a 18' x 6' stock loft with aviaries.
From these breeders their 100 strong young bird race team is bred in two rounds, these are housed in a 22' x 8' loft which has four sections and a full length corridor. Each round has two sections to themselves.

36 pairs of racers are housed in a 33' x 6' loft with 3 compartments for cocks and one for hens. These and flown on total widowhood, after five pre season training flights these receive a 30 mile training toss every Wednesday. 21 days before their final race of the season the old birds are paired and then trained daily with the youngsters and raced to the nest.
The youngsters are darkened from weaning until the 21st of June and then trained daily to avoid attacks from the local peregrine falcons who create havoc with the youngsters when loft flown.

Leon and Dan compete in two local clubs in two different Federations - North Staffs Fed (2,000 - 4,500 pigeons a week inland and youngsters) and the Staffordshire Moorlands Fed (1,000 - 2,500 birds a week Inland and youngsters). Also the Midlands National Flying Club (1,500 to 8,000 b) and the Midlands Continental Classic Club (700 - 1,200 birds) for races from France.

The main feeding is Versele Laga - Gerry Plus and Superstar Plus - complemented with Bamfords Super Diet and Young Bird Supreme. Health advice is from Kev Winter and the droppings are tested monthly and action taken as appropriate..

Leon and Dan Prince, two young hard working fanciers flying to a rented plot of land without help. Congratulations lads - enjoy your night at Broechem on the 18th of February when you climb on the stage to collect your trophy as the National Anthem is played!

G-W-P Macalony (Schotland), 2e Gouden Duif-winnaar Verenigd Koninkrijk & Ierland.
G-W-P Macalony (Schotland), 2nd Gouden Duif UK & Rep. of Ireland.

D. Baldie (Schotland), 3e Gouden Duif-winnaar Verenigd Koninkrijk & Ierland.
D. Baldie (Schotland), 3rd Gouden Duif UK & Rep. of Ireland.

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