About us

"Quality and Integrity"

De Duif is publisher of the weekly pigeon magazine De Duif, and pigeon dealer of top pigeons.

De Duif was founded in 1888 as a local pigeon sport magazine for Antwerp. After World War I the range was extended and very soon the magazine was read in the whole of Belgium and far beyond. Meanwhile, we are the oldest Belgian pigeon magazine, still bringing you the latest news every week, with the help of a large team of experienced and dedicated employees. Quality and objectivity have the highest priority in all this.

Besides publishers of De Duif, we also act as pigeon dealers and organizers of public auctions. The same applies here as well: we only want the very best! This means that we will always choose the best pigeons for our auctions. For many years now, these pigeons have found their way to fanciers all over the world who race and breed successfully with them.

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