Chris Sutton

Lee Bastone 1st young birds and Jake Hammond 1st old birds Guernsey BICC

Jake Hammond and Lee Bastone

The last young bird race of the season for the BICC was held from Guernsey. Even though the summer has been exceptionally hot, and racing has been difficult for every Federation, surprisingly the number was up on the previous year.

Dave & James Novis 1st young birds and Doug Grant 1st old birds Guernsey BICC

Dave & James Novis and Doug Grant

The first young bird race of the British International Championship Club race program was held on the weekend of 18th August from Guernsey in conjunction with old birds liberated simultaneously. A fast race was expected.

MARK GILBERT - 1st Perpignan BICC

Mark Gilbert

Of the seven International races with distances between 550 and 700 miles, Mark Gilbert has won five of them and came second in the remaining two, an outstanding demonstration of his skills.


Marius I Sepciuc

Marius I Sepciuc came to the UK eighteen years ago when he was just seventeen. He  brought with him his love of long distance pigeon racing and once settled, began to race from his home in Kingsbury.


Stuart & Brett Treharne

The winner of the British International Championship Club has managed to continue racing at the top level regardless of major challenges in his life over the past two years. He is a man that is stoic with a drive that matches his passion for racing at the very top level.

ROGER LOWE - 1st Sigogne NFC

Roger Lowe

Roger lives for his pigeons, giving them constant attention and dedication. His breeding skills are well matched in the racing side too.

LEE & KEVIN BUDDLE - 1st Marseille BICC

L & K Buddle

A very brave six year old hen with previous form was the first to make it across the English Channel and was clocked to the loft of L & K Buddle in Dover.

MARK GILBERT - 1st St Vincent BICC

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert has shown us he is fantastic pigeon fancier over many years, and now he considered one of the Elites, but only through hard work, intelligent consideration of his choices and dedication to his goals.


Melvyn Barton

Melvyn Barton is the winner of Le Mans British International Championship Club.

MARK GILBERT - 1st Barcelona BICC

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert has done it again, first open British International Championship Club Barcelona.


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