Jaap & Jeroen Meeder


Achterdijkshoorn 58
2635MK Den Hoorn

Dear pigeon facier,

Let us briefly introduce ourselves:

Jaap en Jeroen Meeder, a father and son combination re-united in year 2014. We race on a small loft double widowhood system. In our first year, 2014, we raced with "Novus" (see picture) 1st amalgamation Peronne against 3.539 pigeons. In 2015 we raced with "Claudine" (pure Heremans hen) 1st amalgamation Nanteuil against 8.293 pigeons. Further she raced 13th amalgamation against 3.982 pigeons. In year 2016 we have the 1st ace pigeon combine late competition, he is from Jan Ouwerkerk x Uno (Verstraete) line. She is now mother to Nl.18-414 he is 2nd NATIONAL best Yearling WHZB/TBOTB (raced by P. Groeneveld), and 6th NATIONAL ace pigeon short distance WHZB/TBOTB!!

In 2021 we had the 8th National Ace pigeon Short Distance NPO with FLOOR. She was best Yearling in that competition.

Basic breeding lines:

* Florian & Jo Hendriks

* Jan Ouwerkerk (483)

* Dirk vd Bulck (through Marcel Sangers)

* Leo Heremans

For further information please visit our website: www.duivensite.nl

Kind regards,

Jaap & Jeroen Meeder

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