Huub Hermans Pigeons Born Hermans


Kempstraat 27
6121LN Born
0031 46485503

Huub Hermans - Born (Netherlands)

One of the beste Dutch allround performers:

His high quality colony keeps on winning big, with in exactly 10 years of racing 79x 1 prize from 100 to 900 km. It makes the Huub Hermans colony as one of the best allrond colonies of the Netherlands. Especially the dominance is National racing from 450-800 km impessive. With one of the best dutch breedingcouples his world famous Teletext Breeding couple. With this performers and now as star breeders the future will surely bring more succes to come.

Basis bloodlines: Van Loon (BE), Dirk van Dyck (BE) and Pieter Veenstra (NL)

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