Shady Mohammed



Shady Mohammed ayoung man 28 years old ... He lives between Egypt and saudi arabia ... he recently married ... He in one of the well-known fancier in middle east area ... He Has a lot of good connection with a lot of fanciers in Middle East Area like Saudi Arabia Egypt Kuwait Iraq Qatar and usefull with a lot of European Champions ... He know good about pigeons starins ... Shady Mohammed overdeveloped his passion for racing pigeons in 2012 and cultivates a number of European strains inculding Andre Van de Weil Gebr Herbots Cor van der Liet Jens Guy auwera Danny van Dyck French Labeeuw Jouke Rottine First Prize Pigeons The Million Loft Pierre Mathijs etc 

Contact Details: -

Mobile No. Saudi Arabia: +966502547553

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