COR DE HEIJDE - 1st National St.Vincent Sector 1 against 9672 birds

Cor de Heijde

Cor de Heijde has shown once again from the St.Vincent National why he is a big name at the very top of  the pigeon sport. And he has once again proven that the bloodline of his world famous pigeon “The Klamper” excels especially in tough conditions.
What these birds have won in recent decades not only in their own loft but for many fanciers elsewhere defies the imagination.

GUNTER PRANGE - Gouden Duif Winner Germany

Gunter Prange

Günter Prange, Meppen:
Gouden Duif Winner Germany
Superstar of The Year Speed, Germany
Superstar of The Year Middle Distance, Germany

Louis Janssen has passed away...

Louis Janssen

Tuesday morning April 16th Louis Janssen died at the ripe old age of 100 years old. On August 5th, 2013, he would have become 101 years old. Louis Janssen was the last survivor of this great pigeon family and the sports magazine “De Duif” will always remember him with a warm heart.


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